Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lost City Raiders

Starring: James Brolin, Ian Somerhalder, & Bettina Zimmerman
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

This film is your typical, low budget, Syfy Channel movie. It had an interesting concept and a whole lot of eye candy, but due to it's budget, the effects and cast needed to make it work are seriously lacking. The year is 2048 and thanks to global warming, 90% of the world is underwater. Most people make a living by either exploiting the troubled people or by raiding the lost cities for valuables. The Kubiak family run one of these salvage operations and are asked by the Vatican to try and locate a scepter, one that legend says can reduce the water levels. The skeptical family agrees to the mission, only to find that they have competition from a familiar source. As I said, the story is a little out there, but it was fairly interesting. If this film had any kind of budget what-so-ever it may have worked, but it didn't. James Brolin stars in a role that he was too old for twenty-five years ago. The leader of the Kubiak family, a master salvager and adventurer is played by James Brolin?! That alone should have turned me off to this film. The other star is his troubled son, played by Ian Somerhalder of the Vampire Diaries, and while he was a little more charismatic than the rest of the cast, he can't do much to save this film. A strange thinly veiled story needs to have something besides beautiful people to back it up. If there had been some cool special effects or a more established supporting cast, this film could have been interesting. Instead it ends up being cheesy, and not the good kind of cheesy. At least films like Sharknado are good for a laugh, this is basically just another Waterworld, with less talent and an even lamer story. Unless you're a die hard fan of these Syfy channel movies, I'd say you could defiantly skip this one.

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